TOTAL Videos


Recorded webinar: Taking the grunt work out of comps
In the field with a mobile appraiser - Greg Mellies
See how TOTAL saves you time
Getting Started: Finding files in the Appraisal Desktop's File Manager
Getting Started: Linking report fields in the addenda
Getting Started: Reviewing QuickNotes in a report
Getting Started: Text Overflow options in TOTAL
Getting Started: The Appraisal Desktop Information Pane
Getting Started: The E&O PowerView
Getting Started: Adding items to the Spectrum Digital Workfile
Getting Started: Adding a QuickNote to your report
Appraiser Tech Tip: Re-use properties with SmartAddress
Getting Started: Using QuickLists in your addenda
Getting Started: Using Report Options to configure your page preferences
Getting Started: Delivering a report using AppraisalPort
Introducing SmartAddress
Getting Started: Signing a report non-securely using your graphical signature
Getting Started: Creating and using QuickLists
Getting Started: Blurring out part of a photo
Getting Started: Optimizing and annotating images in your report
Getting Started: Importing photos using QuickPix
Getting Started: Getting maps
Getting Started: Using templates with TOTAL
Getting Started: Placing images in your report
Getting Started: Getting around in TOTAL
Appraiser Tech Tip: Import MLS data from a text file
Getting Started: Using SmartMerge
Getting Started: Office Settings
Getting Started: Rearranging comparables using drag-and-drop
Getting Started: Sorting comparables in your report
Getting Started: Adding a page from a PDF or other document
Getting Started: Starting a new report
Getting Started: Editing the File Manager column layout
Getting Started: Adding your signature to TOTAL
Getting Started: Adding a user to TOTAL
Getting Started: Registering TOTAL
Getting Started: Downloading and installing TOTAL
Getting Started: Hardware considerations for TOTAL
Changes to managing Mercury Network assignments using TOTAL Connect (Formerly Mercury Desktop)
Getting Started: Importing ACI reports into TOTAL
TOTAL User Guide: SmartAddress
Appraiser Tech Tip: Start a report from the Assignment PowerView
Switching to TOTAL from ACI
Appraiser Tech Tip: Subject-only aerial map
Intro To UAD - Recorded Webinar
UCDP for Appraisers: Uniform Collateral Data Portal Errors
Overview: Detailed View in TOTAL's Side-by-Side PowerView.
SmartAdjust in TOTAL: Load and Save automatic adjustment sets
Using Tables in TOTAL's SmartAdjust
Secure Signing in TOTAL with SureDocs
TOTAL: The Addenda PowerView
Appraiser Tech Tip: Multiple Monitors in TOTAL
TOTAL: SmartAdjust and Detailed View
Appraiser Tech Tip: Overflow to the additional comments field
Appraiser Tech Tip: Sync and merge files from TOTAL for Mobile
Appraiser Tech Tip: Watching your addendum get filled out automatically
Appraiser Tech Tip: Templates in the field
Appraiser Tech Tip: Easy percentage adjustments
Appraiser Tech Tip: Worksheets in TOTAL
Appraiser Tech Tip: Filling out the 1004MC automatically
Appraiser Tech Tip: Using multiple spreadsheets simultaneously
SmartAdjust in TOTAL: Overview
Appraiser Tech Tip: GP forms have gone mobile
Appraiser Tech Tip: Multiple worksheets in TOTAL
Appraiser Tech Tip: Taking photos on your mobile device
Appraiser Tech Tip: Import comps from old reports
TOTAL: The Assignment PowerView
TOTAL: E&O PowerView
TOTAL: FreeForm UAD Mode
TOTAL: Report Contents Panel
TOTAL: The Sketch PowerView
Appraiser Tech Tip: SmartStart
Appraiser Tech Tip: Detailed View in TOTAL
Appraiser Tech Tip: Faster E&O Reviews
TOTAL : Multiple Monitors
Appraiser Tech Tip: QuickStamp
Appraiser Tech Tip: Drag-and-drop comps
Appraiser Tech Tip: Custom To Do Lists
Appraiser Tech Tip: Automatically sort your comps
Appraiser Tech Tip: Import Word narratives as addenda
Appraiser Tech Tip: AutoBrowse to your photos
Appraiser Tech Tip: Send just an invoice
Appraiser Tech Tip: See and fix the new UAD fatal hard stops
Appraiser Tech Tip: Quickly find your photos
Appraiser Tech Tip: Automatically build a photos database
Appraiser Tech Tip: Custom Addendum
Appraiser Tech Tip: Convert UAD XML into a report
Appraiser Tech Tip: QuickNotes
Appraiser Tech Tip: Blur faces in your photos
Favorite TOTAL features: Robin Sibinski
TOTAL: Integrated Worksheets
Appraiser Tech Tip: Send to Vault