VideoAppraiser Tech Tip: Subject-only aerial map

Some appraisers are used to getting the standard aerial (or satellite) map, then deleting all their comp and listing balloons before saving.  But in TOTAL, a subject-only aerial map is a built-in feature.

From the Forms PowerView, click the arrow next to “Add Map” and choose “Subject Location Map Only.”  After the map wizard loads, use your scroll wheel and mouse to position and scale the map to your liking.  If your client wants you to refer to this type of subject-only map as an “Aerial map,” simply choose that option from the pull-down.  Click “Finish.”  That’s all.  TOTAL creates a new page in your report with this subject-only map.

Try this in TOTAL with your next report.  And if you don’t have TOTAL yet, give us a call for a fully-functional trial.